I see adults of all ages and backgrounds and young people who are mature enough to benefit from talking therapy (this depends very much on the individual and will be assessed at initial contact).

I work with a wide variety of common and complex mental health issues as well as issues that don’t have a specific diagnostic ‘label’ where people may wish to explore aspects of their identity, issues around meaning or purpose, spirituality and/or faith.

Neurodiverse clients

I specialise in supporting people who may be neurodiverse or who have had this confirmed through an assessment. This includes those who have been diagnosed with ASD (including what was formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome) or significant AS traits. Neurodiverse individuals living in a world much more suited to neurotypical people face many challenges that are often compounded by a lack of understanding and support from those around them. This can both cause and contribute to mental health difficulties such as anxiety, stress, depression and obsessive behaviours, as well as recurring bouts of frustration and anger that can sometimes be very difficult to manage. I encourage clients, their family and other supporters to consider problems from a standpoint that affirms neurodiversity and recognises a person’s strengths and capacity to thrive in the right setting. As part of this process I may offer specialist coaching to help couples and families communicate more effectively. For the latest information about my specialist services click here.

If you would like to discuss coming to see me for an initial no-obligation session to discuss your needs please contact me using the details on the Contact page.